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The purpose of this blog page will be to profile the products that we manufacture, but also to keep you up to date with issues that surround our industry such as the environmental impact of carriers and more general topics to do with manufacturing in the UK.

We will also be following the progress of our two young apprentices, Cara (19) and Aaron (18). Cara has been with us for a few months now and came originally from the job centre for an 8 week work experience placement with nothing but a reference on offer! She made an immediate impact on us all and we offered her an apprenticeship straight away. Aaron has only been with us for a couple of months and asked to join our team after seeing how well Cara had done in a small piece a local paper had written about the success we had had with Cara.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


We have two apprentices, Cara and Aaron. I would like to talk about them both individualy as they have both made such a difference to Hills Poly-Print.

Firstly Cara

We had a phone call from the job centre saying they had a young girl who hadn't had any employment and would like to come to us for an eight week work experience placement. We were not looking to take anyone on but knew that we could find some admin duties for her to do and then (providing she worked well), give her a reference to help her with job applications in the future.

We hear a lot about the younger generation in the UK being work shy and thought maybe Cara would be like that and just go through the motions.... We couldn't have been further from the truth!!

On Cara's first day she arrived on time and was dressed smartly... Good start!! Cara is able to turn her hand to anything in the office and as she is a teenager naturally the IT side of things came easy. Cara has a certain Grantham accent when talking to her with a definite tinge of street.... aaaite, innit.... but the second she picks up the phone Cara talks like the Duchess of Cambridge!

Eight weeks seemed to fly by and such was Cara's work ethic we knew that we couldn't let her go, we have taken Cara on as an apprentice and I have to say she is fantastic, hard working, polite and excellent with customers. Cara attends college one day a week which she enjoys and has been an absolute blessing to Hills Poly-Print.

On occasion I needed help in the factory printing paper bags and Cara has never complained and is able to turn to physical work as readily as she has the office work, and always with a smile on her face.

After a while the job center asked if they could do a little piece in the local paper about the success of Cara which we did and we mentioned that I was looking for an apprentice to help me in the factory, at about 10 am on the morning the paper was published I received a text...........tbc

That is Cara's journey so far and I will continue with Aaron's very soon.

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