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The purpose of this blog page will be to profile the products that we manufacture, but also to keep you up to date with issues that surround our industry such as the environmental impact of carriers and more general topics to do with manufacturing in the UK.

We will also be following the progress of our two young apprentices, Cara (19) and Aaron (18). Cara has been with us for a few months now and came originally from the job centre for an 8 week work experience placement with nothing but a reference on offer! She made an immediate impact on us all and we offered her an apprenticeship straight away. Aaron has only been with us for a couple of months and asked to join our team after seeing how well Cara had done in a small piece a local paper had written about the success we had had with Cara.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Get Britain Working Scheme

 We are part of the Get Britain Working Scheme, and I was really sad to read this article,

Firstly I must say that I did wonder what we would get from the scheme as looking after a work shy teenager would be more trouble than it is worth, but I am glad to say that that has not been the case at all!

Firstly Cara came to us through the scheme and all she wanted to do was to help us out in the office and get a reference after the 8 weeks, she came in every day with out missing a single day and most importantly she had a smile on her face for the whole time!! Remember, Cara was not receiving any extra money for the work she was doing!

On occasion I had to ask her to help me in the factory and again Cara helped without hesitation and on one of the days I asked her how she felt having to get up for work everyday, Cara's reply surprised me as she said that she really looks forward to coming into work and felt that she had a reason to get up in the morning!

I'm glad to say that we have been able to take Cara on as an apprentice!

We now have Kirsty with us and when the job centre asked to take another placement we said we could probably find work for three weeks only. Kirsty as Cara has not missed a single day and always has a smile on her face, she has worked for us both in the factory and in the office, at the end of the three weeks Kirsty asked if she could stay on for another 5, remember there is no financial incentive for Kirsty to complete the 8 weeks, again we are very impressed with the attitude of both young women that we have had through the scheme.

In the article above people are saying that this scheme exploits young people but I just don't agree at all, We are not forcing them to push a broom around all day, we are giving them valuable experience and a reference to take with them and a reason to get up in the morning. I don't think the so called "youth of today" are work shy, they just need to be given a chance and this scheme at least lets them know that they are capable and worth while!

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